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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many changes of wardrobe can I have?

     - Outfit changes depend on how much time you plan on spending on your photography session. Generally, you get one full change per 30 minutes of shooting. But you can do as many as you’d like within your scheduled shooting time.

Q: Can we go to multiple locations?

     - Yes, as long as it fits within your scheduled shooting time, taking into consideration the travel time.

Q:Can I bring props? What about pets?

     - I want this to be a fun experience! Anything that shows your personality, please feel free to bring it! Sports uniforms/equipment, instruments, silly costumes, cars or even pets!

Q:What kind of editing do you do?

     - Each photo is touched up, blemish and spot removal as well as color correction. Any additional editing is by request. 

Q: Do you provide professional hair and makeup?

     - There are a couple options. I work very closely with Face Body Beauty ( and would love to coordinate a professional hair and makeup session for your photo shoot. What you prefer in person, might not be what works best in front of the camera. By adding professional hair and makeup you can be assured you will look and feel your best. Face Body Beauty will create a style that will enhance your natural beauty, so the camera will see you, not just your makeup.

Q:Can I share a session or do buddy pictures?

     - I want to make these photos memorable, adding a friend to a few photos is a fun addition to your session. However, you cannot share your session but I do offer discount when scheduled back to back. This is a special time in your life; I want to make sure each of my clients gets the attention they deserve.

Q: How long before I can expect my pictures?    

- Depending on the time of year, your complete album should be available anywhere from 2 weeks 30 days.

Q: How do I get my photo in the yearbook?

     - Once you have chosen a photo that meets the requirements of your school’s yearbook, provide me with the contact information, specifications and due date, and I will email the digital image of your choice.

Q: Can I use the Facebook sneak peek photos on my personal Facebook/Instagram pages or print them?

     - Yes, I would love for you to use the photos on your Facebook and other social media pages. However I do ask that you not remove the watermark, or alter/edit the photos in any way. Occasionally, Facebook does make you crop photos to use as profile pictures, if that is the case, I ask that you give photo credit to ADB Photographix in the description. I would advise that you do not print photos downloaded from Facebook, as the quality is severely diminished when I upload photos to Facebook. To ensure the highest quality prints, use photos from your online album.

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