Congratulations! You’re getting married!

Here is a little breakdown of what to expect if you choose us to photograph your big day. Want pricing information? Click here to fill out our quick questionnaire.

Booking Process

We want to know what your vision is. The most important thing to us is your happiness and satisfaction so we want to do everything we can to see your wedding through your eyes and guide you along the process.

Selecting a photographer is an intimidating task, so we aim to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. We create custom quotes for wedding photography as every event is different and requires various elements to price out. To get started, fill out our questionnaire and we will send over a custom quote that fits your needs.

Let’s say, you love the quote - we offer exactly what you want and you are ready to book. From there, you simply accept the quote and it’ll automatically send you an invoice broken up into two payments; the retainer, and the remaining balance. When a quote is accepted, we get a notification which prompts us to get your contract started. Everything is done online, which makes things really easy. To book and secure your date, 20% of the balance is due upon e-signing the contract (which, to make your life easier, can also be paid online).

So You’ve Booked...Now What?

Yay, it’s official! Once your retainer is paid, and everything is set in stone, this is when you’ll receive your  “Client Portal” to keep track of all your documents and open access to your invoice so you can make payments to your balance whenever you’d like. You’ll also receive a questionnaire that asks you all about your wedding. We use this to create your customized shot list and photo schedule so you can be sure we’ll capture the most important images on a schedule you can share with everyone involved. You’ll also schedule any extra sessions as soon as possible - engagement sessions, boudoir, or bridal party coverage… whatever you decided on.

About 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding we will go over everything and solidify the details - where certain photos will happen, what we do if there is inclement weather, preferences for certain situations, and anything else we come up with. It is pivotal that all of this is done before the wedding, because the more we plan, the smoother the day goes. If it is a new venue to us, we will also do our location scouting during this time period, and then your final payment is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

The Big Day!

It’s here, your wedding day! We’ve planned, prepped and done everything we can to make the day go as smoothly as possible. During the wedding day our team will work together to complete your shot list and accommodate your needs to the very best of our ability. While the photographers are snapping away, assistants are coordinating photo situations and gathering people for the images on our shot list. When the assistants aren’t busy they’ll also offer help in other areas, so if you need help bustling your dress, straightening your tie, setting up centerpieces, or just getting you a snack, we are there for you!

After the Wedding

Once the wedding is over and we are back in the office your photos will be downloaded to two different locations to ensure that they are safe and protected. We also use top of the line equipment with features that will automatically backup your photos while we are shooting to prevent any unfortunate mishaps. While the turnaround time can take up to 8 weeks during the of peak season, we will make sure you get you a sneak preview within the first few days of your wedding (we know you’re dying to see how they turned out!) All wedding collections come with a password protected online album for you to view, share and download your edited high resolution images. Once you’ve received your photos, you’ll be contacted by one of our team members to fulfill any print orders you’ve made, and to offer different options for getting fun photo products.

Hope that was helpful - we look forward to hearing from you!

Please let us know if you have any questions at all - we are always happy to help! To get a custom quote, click here!

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